Reading Lesson

By: Carrie Van Tassel

Poetic Terms

a.Personification-Giving an object human qualities.

b.Simile-Using like or as to compare something.

c.Metaphor-A sentence NOT using like or as to compare something.

d.Hyperbole-Intended exaggeration.

e.Theme-The author's message/ the main idea

Literary Non-Fiction

a.Literary Non-Fiction-Tells a story, and shares feelings.

1.Biography-When a person writes about the life of another.

2.Autobiography-When a person writes about the life of himself/herself.

3.Memoir-Period of time written in a book.

4.Personal Narrative-One memory written in a book.

5.Diary-A log of someone's life written by them.

Plot Elements

a.Plot Elements in Fiction-Pices of the story map, like conflict, and cause.They are important ,because it helps you understand better what is going on in the story.

Point of View

a.Point of View in Fiction-The narrater's position in relation to the story being told.It's affect on the story is that what the character in the story knows, the story is based off of that.

Tools of Reading

1.Inference-Inference is the conclusion reached on the basis of evidence and reasoning.

a.You infur by looking at your facts and giving a conclusion.It is important,because giving conclusions is very important in books and papers.

b.Three Types of Connections-The three types of nconnections are text-to-text, text-to-self, and text-to-world.Making connections helps you understand what the characters are going through.

c.Main Idea-The main idea helps readers remember important information.A summery is a short piece of writing that narrows the story down to the most important parts.

d.Theme-Theme in fiction is the meaning we are left with after reading a book that is fictional.The main idea helps readers remember what they read in a fictional book.

What Have Leared About Grammer

a.Comparative and Surplative Adjectives-Comparative adjectivies are used to compare the difference between two nouns.Superlative adjectivies are used to compare three or more objects, people, or places.C-That dog is bigger than this one.S-This cat is the smallest of the bunch.

b.Irregular Verbs-Any verbs whose past tense and past participle are not formed by adding -ed, or -d to the present tense, a verb that dose not follow the general rules of inflection.ex. I awoke to the shinning lights this morning

c.Prepositional Phases-A group of words made up of a preposition, it's object and any of the object's modifies.ex. In the middle of the night Iwent to the kiction than back to my room.

d.Simple and Compound Sentences-Simple sentences are one compound sentence. ex. Bob ran into a pole.Compound sentences are 2 independent clauses joined by a comma and a conjuction. ex. Bob ran into a pole, so now he gots a big knot on his head.

e.Subject-Verb Agreement-Verbs must agree with their subjects in person and number. ex. The girl went to the jump rope and stared to jump over the rope.

How is a Story Told in Drama Form Different From Other Fiction

1.It has much more dialoge.Different genres have different settings, and different settings have different characters.That leads to different plots, for every book and genre.