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News bites from your librarian | Summer '14

New minor: Information studies

This university libraries recently developed a minor, Information Studies (INF), organized to cultivate learners who have an interest in the interdisciplinary study of the role of information in modern society.

As part of this process, the LOR course descriptor has been changed to INF. Advisers who are suggesting that students take LOR 101 can now find the two sections we're offering this fall listed as INF 101.

Students who complete the new minor will be able to:

  • demonstrate appropriate advanced information-seeking methods with the ability to utilize specific resources to accomplish advanced information-seeking tasks;
  • discuss the complications of such controversial topics as propaganda, privacy, censorship, intellectual property, and others, and be able to take an informed stand for public policy purposes;
  • critically discern authority, credibility, and bias among information creators;
  • utilize skills attained within this program in professions (i.e., librarianship or information sciences) or advanced degrees that require critical thinking in information; and
  • create and/or contribute new knowledge as part of the information society.

This fall, I am teaching the second of the two required courses in the minor, INF 250. The course is titled Advanced Information Gathering and will teach students to seek sources in libraries, public records, books, magazines, journals, corporate reports, online databases, personal interviews, and internet resources with the end goal of creating an informative Wikipedia entry.

The course carries a pre-requisite of LOR 101, but that can be waived with instructor permission. It's being offered from 6-9 p.m. on Tuesday nights. I'd be happy to answer questions for you or any interested students.

Oxford University Press online products free from April 13-19

In celebration of National Library Week, Oxford University Press is making all of its online products - excluding journals - free from Sunday, April 13 to Saturday, April 19.

Some of the titles included are:

Use the following credentials:

  • Username: libraryweek
  • Password: libraryweek

If you use an item you'd like us to purchase permanently, email me or your faculty ordering rep and we will add it to the September purchasing requests.

Reminder: I'm 12-month faculty

Just a reminder that librarians are 12-month faculty, so I'm working all summer. So if you are:

  • Having trouble locating a resource you need for research
  • Realizing you'll need a material purchased to use this fall
  • Aiming to incorporate a more challenging research assignment into your course
    • Wanting a demonstration on how to use your tablet to browse our scholarly journals using the Browzine app
    • Teaching a summer class and want to schedule an instruction session
    • Needing a classroom with laptops for your Governor's Scholars class

    ... all you have to do is ask.

    I'll be on vacation for two weeks in mid-June, and attending a couple of conferences in July. Otherwise I should be around Waterfield Library and will be happy to answer your questions.

    Subscription added: Chronicle of Higher Education online

    The library now has an institutional subscription to the Chronicle of Higher Education online. No more 30-day embargoes!

    While working on campus, you can access the subscription simply by visiting

    If you want to use it from off-campus, you will need to access it through the Database A to Z page and enter your Network username and password.

    Database update: Value Line

    The Value Line Investment Survey is now an online resource, and we are suspending the print version that has been housed at the Waterfield Library Information Desk. We still will have access to both the Investment Survey and Small and Midcap Survey, now they're just in electronic form.

    Besides company and industry analysis, Value Line also evaluates mutual funds/ETFs.

    Students and faculty can find Value Line by:

    • going to the library website
    • choosing Quicklinks
    • choosing Database A to Z
    • clicking on the tab for V
    • selecting ValueLine

    Part of the reason for this move to online coverage is to better serve our distance and extended campus MBA students. However, because of the additional expense, we have limited the access to three users at a time.

    The database will deny you access if there are already three users; the best solution is to just try to log in again in about 15 minutes. If we are having too many logjams, please let me know and the libraries will look at allocating resources to purchase additional slots.

    If you run into problems or need a demonstration, send me an email.

    New books

    To see which books were added to Waterfield Library during the last few months:

      You might want to pay particular attention to the Electronic sheets on these documents. Since we added a large number of e-books this year, you might find what’s available in your area. Computer Science, Economics and Telecommunications are well represented in the electronic offerings.

      If you find a title that interests you, search for the specific title in RacerTrac and then click on Click to access resource in the catalog record.

      Office hours

      Have a question? During the summer, I spend most of my time in Waterfield Library office 216A. Stop by or direct students to my office if assistance is needed, or email me to schedule an appointment.