Visit South TX Brush Country!!

By: Karla Barcenas

What's The Climate There You Ask???

The climate is 99-45 degrees Fahrenheit, It is also very dry.

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Some plants there are.....


  • Pecan
  • Sugarberry
  • Brasil
  • Texas ebony
  • Plateau liveoak
  • Sabal palm
  • Black willow
  • Coma


  • Purple phacelia
  • Englemann daisy
  • Lila de los llanos
  • Red prickly poppy
  • Red gaillardia

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How does weathering effect South Texas Brush Country?!

weathering in South Texas Brush country breaks down the land

How does erosion effect South Texas Brush Country !?

The wind dries out the land which can make a dessert