New horizons


Pluto and its moons

The new horizons spacecraft was launched into space January 19 2006. The new horizons mission will help scieentest gather info about Pluto and its five moons. Charon was the first moon of Plutos found, it was discovered in 1978. ,In 2005 hydra, and nix was found, soon after in 2011 Kerberos was discovered, the newest moon we know about was found in 2012 and its name is Styx.


Soon after new horizons spacecraft be shot up into space, Pluto was declared a dwarf planet and was kick out of are solar system. All the KBO in its area and its size was the cause of this. The KBO that is in Plutos way is what comes next for new horizons, the new horizons spacecraft , will continue further into space to study and observe new KBO that are discovered.

Some diagrams of new horizons path

How long

With the pace of 1 million miles a and it will take the astronots about nine years to get to Pluto , and the historical day of July 14, 2015 is when the journey to Pluto will be complete. After the spacecraft has reached Pluto it will take till October 2016 for all of the research to be complete .The signals sent from the spacecraft take 4.5 hour to get to earth, this is why it will take so long to get all the information about Pluto.

New horizons spacecraft

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