Egyptian news

Egypt land and climate

Egypt is about the same size as Texas.Also the Nile river runs straight through it.The Nile supplies 85% of the Egypts water.Egypts soil is very fertil because of the silt that the Nile river carries.


Oil money

You mat think libias oil money is waster but it's not and here's how.they use it to maintain their military they use it to build hospitals and schools.also to export and import goods.


Turkey bribes the contents of Asia and Europe.Also in the center of Anatolia is hot dry summers.farming is very important to them.the center of turkey is Anatolia.
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You may think dams are pointless and you should just let the water flow but for the Aswen dam that's not the has control over the miles flood waters.So water can be kept for months,but it blocks silt so farm land it less fertile.And less fresh water reaches the delta.
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You may think the Sahara is one big deserve with nothing in it.But it does have stuff in it like a lot of sand and people live in it but it is hard because there is barley any rain or water but when it does rain it really rains hard and to give you an idea on how big it is it is the size of the United States.
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Saudis arabia

You may think Saudis Arabia is a big place for people just to live in but are wrong.they get money for selling lots of oil so it is home of big oil company's.they spend a lot of money on emigration because it is dry there.they have a broaden economy also.
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