Tiger Press

San Marcos Elementary

Weeks of April 6th and 13th

Important Dates


Henig to GIA Fieldtrip

Rolayne to AP Meeting -AM

3:15 Girls on the Run and SSA


8:00 LCAP Meeting in the MPR- All day


2:15 Girls on the Run

6:00 Open House


1:00 Hard Lockdown Drill

2:00 Food Pantry

3:15 Student Council


8:45 Primary Flag Salute

Stephanie to DO- Interviews all day


5th grade Splash Lab- AM

3:15 Girls on the Run and SSA

4:00 PTO Board Meeting


5th grade Splash Lab- AM

10:00 Stephanie to DO

3:30 Leadership Meeting


8:00 ELAC Board Meeting

2:30 PLC Grade Level Planning time


K/1 Math TOSA Day

9:00 Stephanie to DO

5:30 Migrant Ed Mtg- MPR


8:45 Upper Flag Salute

Gates and Griley to Humane Society Fieldtrip

Tiger Tid-Bits

-Thank you all for making our Read Across America Week and Parade so memorable for students.

-Big thanks to Jack, Rosa and Job for working so hard to get our school ready for Open House! We love when it looks so clean.

-Check out Mr. Chapman Class of 2014/15's new book- A Series of Short Stories & Essays on Amazon.com. You too can have a copy for the low price of $8.00.


I Like Big Books - Dowell Middle School


-SME will have a summer school for ELLs who did not make growth on the CELDT. We will be piloting a new computer program called Imagine Learning to see if it can help with the summer slide for these students. If you are interested in teaching summer school please submit your application.

-SME Art Walk- Your boards are ready for you to fill. If you need more space please let us know.

-Let's start a SME TEAM! Challenge Description-Join your colleagues in the 6-week Walking Challenge organized by SMUSD! You are encouraged to walk (or run, hike, swim, bike, etc.) 10,000 steps a day, which is equivalent to 5 miles (or 10 minutes of any physical activity counts as 1000 steps)! You will receive a pedometer (sent to your home after you register for the challenge) to track and to report steps in the weekly online survey. This challenge is open to all district employees, VEBA members and dependents!

The individual from SMUSD with the highest total number of steps/miles will receive a $25 gift card (options will be provided to the winner). One randomly selected winner from all Challenge participants will receive a $10 gift card to Sprouts! The SMUSD worksite (school or department) with the highest average number of steps will receive an on-site healthy cooking class and samples for up to 30 people, and more importantly ... bragging rights! We can do it- sign up for our SME Team in the lounge.

-We are looking at the idea of using all of our Chromebooks for testing. If you have a Chromebook in your room we may be "stealing" it for a few weeks in May. We will let you know soon.

-New AESOP- this is the new way to report absences and to find subs for your jobs. Please take a minute to log on and look around. It is very user-friendly, but don't wait until last minute when you are sick and under the weather to try to figure it out. We hope this new system makes it easier to find subs for our district.


9-Meg Mackintosh

11-Stephanie Wallace

16-Carmen Perez

18-Debi Adelman



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