Sipley School Weekly Howl

Week of January 26, 2015

If a conversation that WE have, leaves you upset with me, but leads to the BEST conversation you've had with yourself, I did my job as a leader and friend who cares.

Scott Allord/Don Mrozik

Twitter Usage - Internal University Course

BIG Thanks

Sipley Staff: I can't thank everyone enough for the work that each of you are doing. Our staff is second to none and I appreciate all that everyone is doing for our students. Our focus on relationships with students, parents, and colleagues has made for a special learning environment. Our students have responded favorably. I see, hear, and feel a high level of respect from students and between students. They have come so far, as a whole. Your work, your high expectations, your care, your feedback to students, and your continued communication with parents are making such a positive difference in the lives of children. Keep up the great work, everyone!

Monday Meeting

I recall from my teaching days that once in awhile, time would slip away from me and I lost the opportunity to properly close a lesson. At our Monday meeting, we will learn more about the primacy/recency effect and discuss ways that this knowledge can enhance our lessons. This will be helpful for all staff so that we begin to capitalize on the most important aspects of our instruction.

Certified Staff To Do Items

  • If you haven't provided me with your areas of strength and areas you are working on in relation to F.O.C.U.S., please do so. For example, "Don - Strengths - O,U,S. I am working on F and C." Keep it simple.
  • All staff (even those on reflection) need to submit a reflection of their progress towards their goal(s) they set at the start of the year. It is due by January 31. It is up to staff to look in Talent Ed. to see if the "Midyear Goals Progress Review" is checked off.
  • Pre-test/Post-test Data Collection - Use mid-day collaboration time, as needed.

-In order to make adjustments and further review the effectiveness of the pre/post assessments we have written, we need to take a closer look at student performance. In order to do this, we will need to know student scores on assessments.

-All district math teachers will be getting Excel spreadsheet on Tuesday from Kim Superits. Please fill in pre and post test scores from each unit. Excel spreadsheets from each teacher are due to Kim by Thursday, January 29. Staff may need to use time during a daily collaboration period to complete this task.

-Thank you for understanding the importance of this task!

A Glance at the Week Ahead

Monday - IEP Meetings

Monday - Rising Star Leadership Meeting - 11:20 - 12:20

Monday - All Staff 3-4:00 meeting. Meet in the LRC.

Tuesday - IEP Meetings

Tuesday - I have a principal meeting in the morning and will be out of the building.

Wednesday - Data Review Meetings - See your calendar for times of your meeting.

Wednesday - District Spelling Bee - 6:30 p.m. - JJHS

Thursday - Data Review Meetings - See your calendar for times of your meeting.

Friday - Data Review Meetings - See your calendar for times of your meeting.

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