The Maze Runner

Why You Should Read The Book!

What Is The Book About?

The Maze Runner is the first book in a dystopian science-fiction trilogy aimed at the young adult reader. The story follows a teenage boy named Thomas who wakes up in a metal box with no memory of the past except his own name. When the doors open, he finds himself in a large open living area surrounded by stone walls, which he later finds out is called the Glade. There are other teenagers living in the Glade who also have no idea why they were brought to the mysterious place, but every morning, the stone walls are opened, revealing a maze. Every evening these doors are closed again. Thomas soon realizes there are creatures living outside the Glade in the maze, and they are everything but friendly. But what happens when in a maze full of boys, a girl shows up and states that everything is going to change? Join Thomas as he discovers the mysteries hidden in the maze and his plan to escape the horrid place.

Some Of The Main Characters:

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