Dwarf Planets

By: Ilona F.

General Information

What they are made out of and what they are: Dwarf planets are celestial bodies that orbit the sun. four of them are made out of rock,ice,and snow, but scientists think that Makemake (MAKE-ee-MAKE-ee) is made out of gases such as frozen methane, ethane, and possibly even nitrogen.

Where they are located: Four are located in the Kuiper belt and Ceres is located in the asteroid belt.

Shape: Four of the planets are spherical, but Haumea is egg shaped. This is because the tiny planet is spinning so quickly, it is bulging at two sides, making it thin in the middle. That is why it is egg shaped.

Orbit: All of the dwarf planets have their own orbit. Eris's orbit interferes with Pluto and Neptune's orbit, because it's orbit is so wide at one part.

All of the dwarf planets: The six known dwarf planets in our solar system are Pluto, Ceres, Haumea, Makemake, Eris, and the unofficial V774104.