Mrs. Peters' Classroom News

December 14th-18th

Classroom Connections

Reading: We continued with our story, Aero and Officer Mike. We also started a new story about rescue dogs. It was very interesting! Mrs. Huberty has helped us out this week as well. She's been teaching us about text conversations.

Writing: Students took a break from informational writing to re-design Santa's suit! There was some very cute ideas, like a coffee machine with a never ending supply of coffee in his hat (can I get that?!) and duck tape on his shoes so he doesn't slip! The kiddos are so creative!

Cursive: Students learned the letters E, N, O, C, A, D, M, and H. Whew!

Math: We finished up our measurement unit with a quick test. They ALL did great on this! They should be very proud! After break we will start switching classes again and start with telling time. Make sure to keep up with the multiplication and division facts! The students played Kahoot to practice their facts.

Science: Our solar system unit comes to a close with our test today.


We are making gingerbread houses on December 21st and December 22nd! Anyone is welcome to come. We will start the fun at 2:15 each day, just come to the office. Come join the fun!

December 22nd pajama day! They can also bring in a stuffed animal and blanket, but it HAS to fit in their backpack!

~Please, make sure your student does their nightly 20 minutes of reading. At the end of each month, I tally the total number of minutes read. If they read a total of 2,400 minutes (20 minutes a week night/400 minutes a month), they will be able to a popcorn/movie party in May.

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Have a GREAT holiday season!