Flowers for Algernon

By: Brenden J. Molina & Christopher D. Carpenter

Point of View

The point of view is 1st person. We know because he wrote journal entries about himself and it uses I and my.


Charlie is a mentally disabled person, who undergoes intelligence test. He meets a albino mouse named Algernon. Charlie beats Algernon in the intelligence test. Algernon loses his intelligence and dies. Later on Charlie loses his intelligence like Algernon. He writes a report on it and goes to New York.

The Characters

Critique the story

We think that it was a very cool story and very interesting. And very well written with great characters. It was sad and had great conflict. But the best part Charlie is not selfish.
Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes (Review) - Minute Book Report

Literary Devices

allusion-Robinson Crusoe-64

simile-it feels empty like getting punched-65

imagery-I'd hidden the picture of the old Charlie Gordon from myself-76