español 3H otoño 2015

boletín de progreso

Bienvenidos Octubre!

So happy autumn for sure and WELCOME October, one of my favorite months of the year! A few newsworthy and noteworthy items for you all this week, thanks as always for your attention and consideration! (image id:


Progress reports are due this coming Tuesday, September 29. They should therefore be available at your child´s school for sure by the end of the week. As always you and your student can check their current status by looking at their grades posted in their own homepage. All work not submitted by the due date earns a grade of ZERO.... that said, I have a secret to share with you all.....

the secret is this...

There is really no such thing as late work penalties in our course. While of course we feel it VERY beneficial that students follow a schedule, work on their time management and honor deadlines, we are much more interested in receiving their work than their giving up because they missed the Friday night deadline. PLEASE encourage your student to look at the master schedule frequently, ¨map¨ out their weeks and balance school and extracurriculars. This week in particular there is a LOT of work due for Friday, they should be working to submit probably 2 tasks per day to stay current. (image id:

What are we learning???

This unit (3) focuses a lot on the Imperative mood, also known as commands. See the padlet below for a sample learning block that I share with our students daily. Encourage them to check into the learning block FIRST every day when they open their coursework/page and ask me for help if they do not understand the block.