Your Racing Game


Aims for today:

For everyone to:

(First thing you should do)

  1. Make sure your learning log is up to date! (all parts should be completed up to and including Part 4 - this should be done before you start working on your game!)
  2. Make sure your gears are working i.e. that you car can go at different speeds
  3. Have a timer displayed

Most people will:

Create a second racing car by duplicating a sprite and editing the scripts accordingly

Few people will:

Test their game to see if it works and record in their learning log! (Part 5!)

Big image
Big image


Your homework is to spend 30 minutes developing your racing game. You can download Scratch at home (for free!) and save it from 'My School Drives' from Frog.

Just remember you MUST make sure you either:

> email yourself your new updated file

> email me your new update file

> save it to a USB key