Come and Take it

Board Game


Goal of the game : The first one to reach the middle grab a cannon and bring it back to the start wins.

Supplies:Each player has one soldier. Each player Gets 30 Pennies these will be your lives. Players will share 1 dice (you will need another Dice late).

1. Each player Selects a Soldier.

2. The youngest person goes first ;take turns in a clock wise direction take turns rolling the dice and moving the amount of tiles you roll

4.If you land on the same tile as some one you have two options you battle it out till some one loses all lives or retreat 8 spaces.

5.When battling; players take turns rolling the dice and your enemy subtracts the number of lives you rolled. If you do lose all your lives you Go back to the start and regain all the missing lives. if you had a cannon you put it back in the middle.

6.If you land on a City Bonus immediately role the dice and if you get a 1 , 2 , or 3 please grab a question card , if you get a 4 , 5 , or 6 you must answer what the city is Famous for (hint there are clues around the city) ;if you get the answer right you get a bonus roll however if you are wrong you go back three spaces.

7. Once you obtain a cannon when you battle some one you can now use two dice for attacking.

Cities and what they are Famous for.

Amarillo - Helium

Athens - Black eye peas

Austin - Live Music

Baird - Antique

Bandera - Cowboys

Clifton - Norwegian

Crystal City - Spinach

Cuero - Turkey

Elgin - Brick / Sausage

Ennis - Blue Bonnets

Floresville - Peanuts

George Town - Red Poppies

Hawkins - Pancakes

Llano - Deer

Lubbock - Chrysanthemum

Mercedes - Boots

Paris - Crepe Myrtle

Poteet - Hot air Balloons

Rocksprings - Angora Goats

San Antonio - Sheep / wool

San Saba - Pecans