Frisco should have more Skate parks

By Chandler Boggs And Ethan Watson

skate parks

"Swoosh" that was the sound of a skateboard! We think that Skate parks are very cool and fun. Wouldn't you like to have a skate park? Well we think that we should have a public skate park.

A Volcom Skatepark Session - March 2007

skateboarding safety

Skaters need safe places to ride. Ninety percent of all skater accidents are caused by a motor vehicle. We think skate parks are much more safe.
skater gets hit by van EXTREME


Skaters need a skate park to learn tricks. You can get sponsored for skating. If you get sponsored then you can become a pro, and get money for professional skating.
World's Best Pro Scooter Tricks 2013 HD - 21 Stairs,Double Backflip, FREESTYLE

skater fun

We think the whole point of a skate park is for skaters to have some fun and play outside. We would much rather our generation play outside than be lazy and not go outside. This also makes skaters proud of themselves to complete a trick. This makes everyone happy.
Game of SCOOT | Alex Milovanov vs Ben Burgess


skateboards and scooters are very fast. They are also easy to manage. They don't take up a lot of space.