Blame friar for their deaths

Romeo and julliets death

Romeo And Juliet's Death Is Friars Lurence Fault

The friar gave Juliet the position to knock her out and know that she decided to take the potions she didn't want her mom and dad to marry her to Paris because Romeo is the guy is a Montague and shes a Capulet and they were not to stat trouble with the Montague or to talk to them. Anyways they met at a party were Romeo wasn't to supposed to be and he fell in love were she stood and they hung out a lot after that and they decided to get married.Friar is the one that got them married and before she married Paris and she was going to be forced to marry him so she went to friar to get the position and that's were it began and Romeo was banned for killing tyblat because tybalt killed markishoe. Juliet took the position and they both ended to the tomb and they all thought she was dead and then Romeo thought she was dead and then he killed himself with the poison and then Juliette woke up and she killed herself because Romeo was dead when she woke up and she got the dagger and stabbed herself
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The wedding singer

Robby is what the story is about he fell in love with a girl and her name was Julia. He was supposed to get married and his fiance but she bailed on him at the wedding. But he had a brake down and he fell in love with Julia and she was getting married and they were good friends to begin with and she is marring the wrong guy but she was happy when she saw Robby and she was so dumb to realize that Robby loved her and the guy she was going marry was a winer and he was parting with other girls and kissing and having coffee and thy were at a strip and then Robby didn't care if he got beat up again he loved her he went after her and they were both in love with each other and that is love and that is how they fell in love and that is how this ends.
The Wedding Singer - I Wanna Grow Old With You (Adam Sandler