The French Revolution

By: Nate Dimick

What Actually Happened?

  • Lasted from 1789-1799
  • Began with financial crisis and public disaster
  • People were upset with how government handled problems
  • Country was in debt because of 7 years war
  • The textile industry had competition with Spain, Germany and Italy
  • People were strong nationalists
  • Aristocrats were looking to overthrow the Third Estate
  • After the war, Napoleon took over and brought back order

The Basics (Video)

The French Revolution -In a Nutshell

How Did they Protest?

  • People protested by using a guillotine to behead the nobles
  • Crowd captured Bastille as a sign of royal tyranny
  • Peasants held uprisings against feudal lords
  • Assembly seized Roman Catholic Church
  • Revolutionaries demanded that the king be dethroned
  • Imprisoned the royal family
  • The reign of terror was the worst time of the war
  • Many people were executed during this time
  • The country was a mess
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What Resulted From the Protests?

  • More than 1,000 prisoners were executed
  • Many leaders were executed
  • The monarchy was overthrown
  • Napoleon took over government and ended the war
  • A new doctoral-democratic government emerged


Assessment Question

The participants demonstrated their belief system through their protests by:

  • Rebelling against the nobles
  • Overthrowing the government
  • Rioting and burning towns

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