Education in Asia

Can everyone get a education?

Malala's story

Malala always liked to have a education but the Taliban didn't like it. She lived in a nice place in Pakistan before the Taliban started blowing up schools. Malala is know for wanting an education for girls and standing up to the Taliban for it even though she was shot in the face by them. A quote is,"extremists have shown what frightens them most is a girl with a book." What this means is that they are afraid of something harmless.

The Statistic's

  • 72 Million kids who can go to primary school doesn't go.
  • 39 Million girls aren't in school or 54% of people who don't go to school.
  • Some kids don't get to school because it's dangerous and girls aren't allowed to in Islamic culture.
  • The UN and Malala are speaking and convincing to make a change. Also the UN made goals for things like equality for education.


  • 7 out of 10 kids are out of school in Asia.
  • Most of those kids experienced violence.
  • If you click on the link you will find good information about countries out of school.