Uncle Tom's Cabin

Sharon Son & Adam Nguyen

Although the majority of the populace during the 1850’s viewed blacks with degradation, Harriet Beecher Stowe enlightens the soft and favorable side of Uncle Tom’s character which guides the public to, in return, venerate him.


Adam Nguyen's Response

  1. After viewing the Uncle Tom images, I have realized that slave owners can develop deep relationships with their slaves, even though their slaves don't work for their owners by choice.
  2. The most surprising part about these images is that even though slavery was a norm in society, these images sympathise with the slaves and oppose slavery.

Sharon Son's Response

  1. A subtle idea conveyed in these images is that even though slavery was popular in society, people may not have agreed with this idea but still conformed to it.
  2. I was most surprised that Christianity played a large role in slaves' lives.