By: Lauren Oliver

-Pamela Santiago

This is the second book in the trilogy of delirium. The book is mostly about Lena's arrival into the wilds after Alex's death. Its also about her meeting many new people and learning how to adapt. She wakes up in a stone house where people were taking care of her with things like buckets used for sewage and to throw up in. She meets another girl a bit older than her named Raven who takes cares of her because Lena arrives almost dead into the wilds. Raven teaches her many things that she needs to know to be able to survive in the wilds like the rest of them.



Raven and Tack

Julian Fineman



Thomas Fineman (assasinated)

Main Characters


-Lena's mom is alive and part of the resistance

-Alex did not die. He was captured and escaped from the Crypts.