Blowing Oil Spills

From Oozy to Gooey

Water For Life

All living things need water to survive. A large portion of Earth is filled with water. Most of Earths water is saltwater. However saltwater can not be used as drinking water. Saltwater contains to much salt, so it becomes bad for your body. Saltwater can make you dehydrated, it can even cause death. There is actually a very small percentage of freshwater on Earth that is 20%. 2% of water is inaccessible because it is frozen or in remote locations / out of reach. Freshwater is mostly used to grow crops to feed the worlds population. Similar amounts are used for household needs and industrial purposes and processes. As Earths population increases the demand or need for freshwater also increases. More people means needing more basic materials. Earths water supply is running thin. Earth does not have a never ending supply for water. Many of our main water sources are running out, drying up, or being over used. We are also wasting a lot of water because we have inefficient drain systems, and our infrastructures are running out of date. Our water sources are also being polluted by human feces and harmful chemicals. In some places like third of the worlds countries their is pollution so severe it has been causing death. Fossil fuels are having a harmful effect on the environment. Lots of change in the world is causing severe weather events that are threatening water sources. Extreme droughts is leading to climate change and is resulting a large loss of life in some areas of the world. Increasing demand for freshwater has lead to conflict between many countries. Water is the foundation of almost all life on Earth. Without water life as we know it would be non known to exist.

Oil From Middle of the Oceans To Shore Lines

Oil, Its a big part of our eco system. Oil spills mostly occur more in the oceans than they do on your average streets. Oil spills happen in the middle of the nowhere in the ocean. No one usually finds out till it reaches the shore lines. Shore lines are big area where you can find oil. Oil is attracted to shore lines because the water flows towards them. This oil spill here is oil making its way slowly to the shore line.

Oil Spills Reasons For Being In The Ocean

Lots of oil spills end up stretched across the ocean by either little oil companies in the ocean exploding, having a leak in the bottom tanks, or accidentally get nocked into the ocean. There are many different reasons on why oils spills happen. Planes, and, boats may also have some kind of malfunction as well as ocean oil companies. This photo here on the right shows a massive blow up of a oil compony in the ocean. People now do try there best to keep this from happening. It also shows people in fireboats trying to take out the fire so they can hurry to clean the oil out of the ocean.

Oil is attracted to wildlife

Oil is extremely attracted to wildlife. Oil is not good for animals. Birds cant fly, and fish cant swim, this goes fro human too. Oil is holding these population things back from leaving. Oil is a great threat for animals by the chemicals if they eat it, the thickness of making them drown, and many possible other ways. People do try to help but when they are in the middle of the ocean they usually die because they cant get help. Other animals also get the opportunity to eat when smaller animals cant get away.

The Oil's Soul

Oil has it's abilities like any other human or wildlife does. It has chemicals of Iron, Carbon Dioxide, Nickel, Nitrogen and other chemicals that are a harm to earths population. Oil was made from no one knows where. Scientists still are searching for more ways where it may of came from. People of non scientists are even trying to find ways to see why and how it was made.