Fashion in the 20's

What's in Style?

Casual Party Attire

Most women during this time kept it classy, but very simple. For Dances/Balls many women wore straight on dresses, never to show a curve just simple and cut down to the shins. Also very stunning, all women still dressed their best! More fancy jewelry was worn with the dresses, such as pearls and dangling necklaces. Last but not least, hair styles. Women were not all about having long hair, nice cut short hair kept at shoulder link or above was pleasing to them. This look brought more of the dresses appearance to others.

As goes for men, they believed to dress to their best as if it were a competition! Very formal, nice clean tux mostly in silk. Hair wasn't all that matters to the appearance it was what you seen beneath.


Children up to the age 10-13 kept the look very fancy, or casual. Many girls and boys wore such things as nice dresses with very little jewelry, and goes for the little boys things such as a sailors suit. Although they may looked similar to the adults, the kids were required to wear man layers of sort. So for girls, things such as half jackets, or small cover ups were required, as well as stockings. For little gentlemen many layers of comfort were worn.