Welcome to English 9

You finally have a name, you are a freshman.

Start of a new year

Hi I am Allayna Allwine I took English 9 and I am excited to tell you it went by fast. We were always doing something. We read books that we choose, we read short stories, we read the hunger games and we ended the year with poetry. This years English was my favorite year of reading. I really enjoyed the things we did this year and hopefully you will too.
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Book talks!

Book talks were one of my favorite things that we did through out the year. We got to read a book that we chose and talk about it. I think that this made reading go by so much nicer. I personally think that being able to talk about a book is easier than having to write a big essay or report about it. Hope fully you like book talks as much as I do.

Romeo and Juliet

During this part of the year you really need to pay attention. Yes, we all know what happens in Romeo and Juliet however I'm sure not everyone has read it. We do a dew quizzes and packets and we do take notes during this lesson. It may be very easy for some people, but I thought it was a little challenging.


We did the poetry section at the very end of the year. I really like the poetry lesson it made me let my self express my feeling. Some people are really good at poetry and some of us are not. Still in this section of work you have to really try hard. I think that this was a great way to end the year!

Independent reading

I really liked independent reading. It helped me read and as the year went by I started to read faster. I also would like to tell you that you have to read to get a good grade. I think that having independent reading the way we had this year helped me out a lot. If you read you book you will have an easier time doing these

The hunger games

Before Christmas break we read the hunger games, i really like this. We used the kindles to read the book during English as a class. It went by very smooth, we read, we did packets, and we did group projects. The hunger games is also a really good book so you will have fun with that.

My favorites!

One of my favorite were the book talks. The book talks were easy. I also really liked poetry. I think that poetry helped me relax and made me like English a little bit more. I think that these two things helped me out through out the year.

My not so favorites

I did not really like the Romeo and Juliet section. I think that it was pretty confusing. There was a lot to learn in a small amount of time. I also think that we had to read a lot which is not one of my favorites either. However it could have been much worse

My Advice

1.You will need to read, It will make things go so much smoother.

2. Do your homework, we do not have a lot but what we have is important.

3. pay attention, If you do not pay attention you will most likely be lost and you will be very confused.

How to stay organized

1. When Mrs. Allen tells you to but something in your binder put it in your binder. I made the mistake of putting stuff in the pocket of my binder and i lost a lot of stuff.

2. When it is time to do the Binder check put the numbers on top of the papers to were the belong.

3. Put dates on all of your papers. This way you can tell when we did something so you can look back on it.

4. take notes, write a few things down about what we have to do. I think this is easier so you do not have to keep looking around the room because you are confused for not paying attention.

5. Ask questions, you may not think that this is needed to stay organized but trust me it is. Your will not panic and go threw all your paper trying to find something that you didn't even need in the first place.

My Quote

If you can't do great things do small things in a great way.

-Napoleon Hill