DIAGNOSIS: Medical Conundrum

Grand Rounds Scenario

Out of the Blue

Carl is a healthy young man, and at fifteen years old you would expect his disposition to be quite orderly, from the looks of him. His friends and family always describe him as easygoing, fun to be around and gentle mannered. Now, out of nowhere, Carl's personality has taken a turn for the worst. He was admitted to the Emergency Room at his local hospital after his mother reported "destructive behavior towards self and others" and rushed him in, clueless of what had happened to her once mild son. Apparently, he had lashed out at his family members and threatened his sister in a serious manner, using vulgar language unflinchingly. It is quite a baffling situation for both family and the medical staff at the hospital. What could possibly be troubling him?

Carl Today

Carl is now in great shape and is getting over his hurdle in emotional health.