A Powerful Woman in Abolition

By: Onyi O

Angelina Grimke

Angelina Grimke contributed heavily to the continuation of American Democracy. She wrote letters and got it published in The Liberator. She also was woman's rights activist too. American values and beliefs contribute to the continuation of American Democracy because, the American culture formed after we gained independence was- freedom and justice to all. That concept was later repeated when they wrote the laws and formed our nations. Now in the justice system they go by the evidence not by your physical features. As we move forward as a nation we continue to grow rich in are culture from our founding fathers. Freedom and justice to all.

"If a law commands me to sin I will break it"(Angelina Grimke)

Angelina Grimke's accomplishments

  • Grimke wrote a letter to William Lloyd Garrison’s The Liberator, he later published it in The Liberator.
  • She than became a very famous activist.
  • Her sisters and herself and were the first woman to be invited American Anti-Slavery Society's in New York.
  • Grimke later met Theodore Weld and they later married.
Grimke later accomplished many more things, she spoke to new anti-slavery campaigns. She also joined many other anti-slavery campaigns.

  • She addressed a legislative committee of the Massachusetts State Legislature, becoming the first woman in the United States to address a legislative body.
Grimke led the ways for many woman to join anti-slavery campaigns and to speak out for women rights.