By: Kayleigh Moquin

Biographical Details

*Born in 1386. In Florence, Italy.

*Died December 13, 1466 in Florence, Italy.

*Spent most of his life learning at the home of the Martellis. Later spent a lot of his life in the Cathedral.

*Most of his training was going to Rome in 1407 to learn more about Classical Art.("Donatello").

*His lifestyle was mostly just staying in the Cathedral. He built sculptures and traveled to Rome to learn more about art. Later he spent most of his time making sculptures.

*"One of Donatello's earliest known works is the lifesized "Marble David" (1408; reworked 1416; now in the Bargello, Florence).("Donatello").

*Donatello was better skilled at sculpting. He made the "Marble David" along with later sculpting the "Bronze David", and he also sculpted the "Magdalene Penitent".

*Donatello's most famous patron was Cosimo De' Medici.

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The Work

The Bronze David

*The Bronze David was created in 1444-46.

*Today, this piece is located at the Museo Nazionale del Bargello, Florence, Italy.

*The piece is a bronze male sculpture.

*It looks to be as somewhat of a young man.

*It is nude and is full of detail.

*I find this piece so interesting because it must have taken so much time and effort to perfect. The details and intriquicies are what draw me to this sculpture.

*This significany of this piece is that it was made as a remake of the Marble David and changed just a little bit and was made in bronze instead of marble.

*The Bronze David represents humanism because it shows the human body. It shows the emotioms of the human body and the values of it.

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