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Physical features of Mexico.

Mexico's physical features are the Sierra Madre Mtns, which are around Mexico City on the east, west, and south sides. There is also Copper Canyon which is actually bigger and deeper than the Grand Canyon. It was formed by 6 rivers. It is home to Mexico's highest waterfall, "Cascada de Basaseachi." One feature that I would like to visit is the Tulum Beach. It is in Banderas Bay on the Pacific coast of Mexico. It is also Mexico's largest bay.

Brazil's physical features.

Some of Brazil's physical features are the Amazon River basin/ Amazon Rain forest. It is mostly in Brazil and some other countries too. In fact, if the Amazon rain forest was a country, it would be the 9th largest on Earth.It is home to tons of animals. There is also Iguacu Falls on the Brazil/ Argentina border. It is actually made up of 275 falls. The highest fall is 64 meters (209.974 feet). I would want to go to Iguacu Falls because it has lots of majestic falls and animals there like caterpillars. I like caterpillars.
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Mexico's economy

Mexico's top 3 trading partners are the United States, Canada, and China. Their top import is electronic equipment from the U.S. Their top export is vehicles to the U.S.My theory is that they use imported electronic stuff to make cars to export to the U.S. Mexico's literacy rate in 2013 was 93.96%. Now in 2015 it was 94.4%. Their GDP was 1,281 in 2014. In 2015 their GDP is expected to go up 2.3%. Their GDP per capita in 2014 was 10,325. Their GDP per capita in 2015 is estimated to be 10,326. Exactly the same.

Brazil's Economy

Brazil's top 3 trade partners are China, the U.S, and Argentina. Their top import is crude oil from China. Their top export is oil seed from the U.S. Their literacy rate is 90.4%. Their GDP was 2,345 in 2014. In 2016 the GDP of Brazil is estimated by World Bank to go up 1.1%. Their GDP per capita in 2014 was 11,572. Their estimated GDP per capita in 2015 is 11,528. It actually went down.

Mexico's government

The current leader of Mexico is Enrique Pena Nieto. The term length is 6 years. The type of government is federal republic. One problem with Mexico's government is that the government is very corrupt and they have security issues and people are always bribed in the government. The title of leader is president. The 3 branches of government are legislative, executive, and judicial just like the U.S. The legislative branch is made up of the house of congress and the senate and they make laws. (Legislative branch shown below in photo.) The president is the head of the executive branch. He makes laws made by the legislative branch official. The judicial branch is the supreme courts and all courts. They decide whether or not people are guilty or not and makes them go to jail.
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Brazil's government

Brazil's current leader is Dilma Rousseff. The length of term of a leader is currently 4 years. The type of government is also a federal republic. Problems with Brazil's government are that they have social issues which leads to poverty in Brazil. The title of leader is also president. Brazil has the same 3 branches as us except a bit different. The president is the head of the executive branch who makes laws official made by the legislative branch. The legislative branch is made up of the federal senate and the chamber of deputies. They make laws which the president either approves or disapproves. The judicial branch is all courts including the Supreme court.
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Mexico's environmental concerns

One of Mexico's environmental concerns is situated in Mexico City. Mexico City is surrounded by the Sierra Madre Mountains, so air pollution gets trapped in Mexico City because it is trapped by mountains and it can't get past the mountains. There is also lots of industrialization there so there is actually tons of air pollution there. One solution is that they can cut down on use of cars there and take buses or ride bikes more. Another solution is that people can cut down industrialization there, that will greatly decrease air pollution from factories.

Brazil's environmental concerns

Deforestation is the major problem in Brazil. People are cutting down way more trees than are needed. Did you know that the Amazon Rain forest supplies about 20% of oxygen on Earth. That means that every day, people are cutting down 20% of people's oxygen to make useless things like tables and chairs. Solutions to this are just to make or reinforce laws to restrict lots of deforestation. Another solution is to just make people stop cutting down trees to make coffee tables.

Mexico Independence movement

Mexico's independence movement was led by Miguel Hidalgo. He was a priest who gave the famous "Cry of Delores" speech. He called Native Americans and mestizos for help against Spain. He helped Mexico gain independence from Spain. He was executed though by Spain and his friend took up being the leader and led them to independence from Spain. He is remembered for helping free Mexico from Spain and being an inspirational leader instead of a fighter. He died at age 58 and lived from 1753-1811.
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Brazil's independence

After the invasion of Portugal by France, they fled to Brazil and made Rio DE Janeiro the capital of Portugal. Portugal's leader was names Cortes. Cortes showed no respect and mocked the Prince of Brazil "Prince Pedro", so the Brazilians rebelled and took back Brazil. On September 7th, 1822, Dom Pedro I declared that Brazil was independent and was liberated from Portugal. The war between Brazilians and Portuguese lasted from February 1822 to November 1823. A peace treaty recognizing Brazil's independence was signed in 1825.
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