Carmel EduCare Three's Class

Ms. Jo and Ms. Dorothea

Talking, Drawing, Writing

This week we began our unit on the zoo! The kids have been enjoying learning about animals such as the elephant, hippos, rhinos, tigers, and giraffes! We have talked about our favorite animals at the zoo too. Today we all used crayons to draw a picture of our favorite animals. Children are always welcome to bring in books to share with the class!

Classroom Helpers

This week we began having classroom helpers! The kids have been really excited to have a job in our room. There are nine jobs available each week. Each child will have a job every other week! The jobs available are: line leader, door holder, light helper, caboose, am snack helper, pm snack helper, lunch helper, library helper, and calendar helper. We are still teaching and tweaking these jobs!

Outside Time

We will continue to go outside and play as often as it is possible. We go outside as long as it is 25 degrees with windchill. Please be sure you bring hats and gloves! :) Also, if it snows again (OK when it snows again!) we will go out and play if the temperature is at 25 degrees or higher and if the playground isn't covered in ice! You are welcome to bring in boots/ snow pants on those days. When we are unable to go out we do take the kids for a walk inside the school. If the LGI room is available we go play in there!