Wildlife Biologist/Agronomist

Hannah Booms

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The state level Deperment of Natural Rscources

Federal DNR

National Parks

Local or county DNR


By a salary based on your experience in the area and the capability of doing the job at hand


Working with animals

Working with soils to figure out the problems

Showing sheep at the fair

Raising chickens and selling them

Travelling the country


Passionate About

Helping others

Working with animals

Trying to figure out problems in the enviorment

Travelling and discovering hidden treasures

How to get the job

You need a bachelors and get at least three internships in the area you want to specialization in a area. By following a agronomist and a wildlife biologist and getting to major in both to help get your major.

What would you do

Do research the soil from a field or in the environment

Take sample of the soil and the animals in the forest to see what they eat

Travel to areas of the forest or the fields of the farmers

How you got the career

See what fits your personality and allow me to express how I'm helping people and animals who are indeed and to be comfortable in the outdoor.
What is an Agronomist?
Project Me: The Wildlife Biologist