Genetically Modified Animals

Haryune Kim - Vangen Hour 3

How do humans use Genetically Modified Animals in order to benefit themselves?

What is genetically modified animals?

Genetically modified animals are animals that contain additional genetic material, through use of modern biotechnology tools that's intended to give the animal a new trait or characteristic.

What are some examples of humans using GMA to benefit themselves?

Hornless Cows - they could prevent injuries to the herd. It also helps to avoid the painful process of cutting their horns = more efficient. Developing a hornless dairy cow is in the progress by Minnesota company, Recombinetics.

Glofish - glow in the water . They were one of the first ever made genetically modified animals. It was an experiment, the Glofish was supposed to glow when they sense toxin in the water. But it eventually became a pet for costumers and got popular as days went on.

AquAdvantage Salmon - genetically engineered salmon that grows faster and is safe to eat. Their introduced DNA is safe for the fish itself as well. They are also designed to prevent the possibility of them escaping into the wild. Their nutritional profile is comparable to non-GE farm raised Atlantic salmons.

Why use GMA?

Humans use Genetically Modified Animals because...
  • faster growth
  • better nutrition
  • less & easier work = faster work, faster production
  • to increase food supply
  • better food quality and taste
  • higher customer satisfaction
  • greater body & flesh mass = more meat
  • to help it live longer, stay healthy
  • animals more resistant to disease
  • higher production
  • hypoallergenic = means that the organism is unlikely to cause an allergic reaction


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