civil war inventions : Henry Ford

By: Matt Price

Henry Ford

Henry Ford wanted to build an inexpensive car that would last a lifetime. While working in Detroit, Michigan in 1890s His job was to work on cars and experiment with them and fix them.1900 was the year that Ford established an auto-making company, and it designed cars.

Fords Invention

1906 was the year that Ford had the idea of inventing a new car. He told his general superintendent Charles Sorenson That " we are going to get a car now that can make in great volume and get prices way down". Ford and Sorenson invented the Model T and tested it on rough terrain.1908 was the year that ford introduced it to the public. Sorenson said the that the Model T was a sturdy black vehicle and said that " a car which anyone could afford to buy which anyone could drive anywhere, and which almost anyone could keep in repair". This was the start of fords company.

Ford and a few of his cars