The Dirt Diary

By: Anna Staniszewski


I LOVED it...sweet, sensitive, and delicious!"

—Erin Dionne, author of Models Don't Eat Chocolate Cookies


Can you imagine being in eighth- grade and having to clean the houses of the popular kids? That’s what happens to Rachel in THE DIRT DIARY by Anna Staniszewski. It’s bad enough just dealing with school when you’re not popular, but this is the worst. Rachel’s parents are separated and her dad moved to Florida. The money is tight, so Rachel’s mom started her own cleaning business as a second job. Rachel is in a predicament because she took her college savings money to buy a ticket to see her dad. She is convinced that when he sees her, he’ll miss her and her mom and want to return home. Rachel needs to put money into her bank account before her mom sees the bank statement, so Rachel decides to work for her mom to earn back the money. She is also hoping to win the baking contest this year because there is a cash prize


What could be worse than cleaning other people’s toilets on the weekends? Cleaning the toilets of the two most popular girls in eighth grade, that’s what?

Is it Fiction or Non-fiction

If you guessed fiction then you are correct because all of her books are made up about Rachel Lee that's a future 10th grader but right now shes a 9th grader which is a freshmen.

Cliff hanger?

The book left me with a bunch of fasenating questions like is her father coming back or not? But the book in genral is really good.

The Dirt Diary

This book is about a 8th grade girl going into 9th grade and her dad just recently just moved to Florida and her mom is organizing like crazy. She also cleans every popular kids house their is in the 8th grade.

Anna Staniszewski

Anna Staniszewski is the author of the Dirt diary, the Prank list, the Truth games and the Gossip files. Her books are fiction and the books are really good and just makes you feel like your in the book yourself.