By: Riley & Allana

Climate, Geography, and Land

  • Mostly tropical land
  • Rainfall occurs the most through the months of June through October
  • There are many different types of plants and animals in this region
  • The temperatures drop at an extreme rate through the months of November - Feburary
  • Very rich and fertile soil to grow crops
  • Covers 198,117 sq. miles
  • Extends down the Malaysian Peninsula into SouthEast Asia

Clothes, Religion, and Food



  • western-style
  • very traditional clothing (farmers wear straw hats)
  • women often wear their hair braided with a blouse and skirt known as a sarong or pa thung
  • men wear pants and a shirt in public and change into a pa kao ma similar to the sarong at home

  • 95 percent of Thailand is Buddhist, leaving the remaining 5 percent Muslim
  • a small number of Christians inhabit the area also
  • Buddhism affects the lives of people extremely with what they wear, do, buy, eat, etc.

  • unlike our average breakfast, their breakfast consists of boiled rice with minced pork or chicken, fish sauce, and dried chili
  • Thai dishes are interchangeable, rather complicated, and extremely delicious
  • the food they eat are based off of tradition, religion, and location


The market plays a huge part in the people of Thailand's lives. They get everything they need there such as clothing and food. The market place is also an opportunity to trade, sell, and purchase.

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