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for Plexus A-Team Ambassadors & Customers

June 2017 - Special Edition #2

Sizzlin' Summer Special EXTENDED?! LAST CALL!!

Have you upgraded to Ambassador yet? If not, this is the LAST CALL for the incredible special from our team -- a perfect time to get in on wholesale pricing. All NEW Ambassadors who sign up from now until June 30th at midnight EST can take advantage of this limited time offer of 10% off all Welcome Packs and FREE SHIPPING (via rebate directly from our team). Welcome Packs are already a phenomenal deal -- the absolute least expensive way to buy your products! This is a CRAZY amazing opportunity to get in on the best pricing we offer.

If you would like to upgrade from customer to Ambassador and enjoy wholesale savings with NO OBLIGATION to sell, talk to your sponsoring Ambassador today!

Thoughts on Plexus as a Business Opportunity...

My Amazon Prime membership costs $99/year.
Netflix costs another $72/year.
Sam's Club Business membership is $45/year.

All of these offer buying perks and entertainment value but they don't pay me anything...

However, it costs $34.95 yearly to be a Plexus wholesale buyer (products at the cheapest prices) which also gives you the opportunity to own your own business. Over the last 2 years I have invested a grand total of $69.90 for this membership.

If you had any idea of my return on that investment you would sign up today! (Check out the chart below. I'm Sr. Gold, close to Ruby!)

I would love the opportunity to help you get started or at least answer any questions you might have! If I can do this, then YOU can do this!!

#liveyourdreams #takeachance

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