Night Of The Twisers

by: Ivy Ruckman

About the author

Ivy Ruckman got awards for fourteen books. She is a former English teacher, and creative writing instructor. She is Dan's aunt and she lives in Salt Lake, Utah.

Fun Facts

There actually was 7 tornados in 2 1/2 hours, we ( me and my grade level ) got to talk to the main characters best friend.


First, it was a normal day like any other day. It started out sunny but ended terrifying. Dan and Arthur were walking down a beach when the sun went away and they went home to Dan's house. Next, Dan and Arthur were on the couch and then all of a sudden the T.V. started flashing CD, CD, CD and they scrambled to get downstairs. Dan's house got torn apart and there was nothing above them when they were in the bathtub in Dan's basement. Then Stacy had to help them out of there basement because of all of the debris They had to go to the armory but there was a tornado In the way and it just missed them and they had to go to the prison because there wasn't enough room in k-mart and Dan had to drive.

Last, there was a bunch of trash all up and down the street and a bunch of people were coming from all around to help. Also Ms. Smiley moved and people used her house. Dan found his mom and dad later at the church.