Week Three - NAPLAN

The National Assessment Program for Literacy and Numeracy

This week for Year 7s and Year 9s

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week your students will be participating in this National assessment. It will give a snapshot insight into students' numeracy (with and without calculators) and literacy. In particular Writing (either creative/imaginary OR Persuasive), Language Conventions (Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation) and Reading.

Like any one session assessment I'd like to stress this is not a full picture of where students are at in terms of their grades or outcomes. NAPLAN is informative in a number of ways however like any time pressured assessment students will have good days and not so good days. It is good to remind your child to try their best regardless how easy or hard they find it and to let them know that it is just one tool of assessment and not a comprehensive indicator of them as a whole person and their abilities across all the areas of learning.

NAPLAN Assessing

Monday, May 9th, 8:30pm

LOT 1 Bishop Road

Mundijong, WA