1984- Book 2 Chapters 6-10

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1984 Book 2 Chapters 6-10 Packet

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1984 Activity #4

Create an Infographic using Piktochart.com (CLICK HERE to create a free account) about ONE of the following:
Option #1
Examine a world map of the 1980s. Color in the countries of the Eastern bloc. What has happened recently regarding these power blocs? Color in the countries of the Western alliance. How close were Orwell’s superstates? You are allowed to research this on the internet of course, Then create a piktochart with your findings of "How Close Orwell Came" to being right.
Option #2
Winston reads from Goldsmith’s book that "The invention of print, however, made it easier to manipulate public opinion" Explore thehistory of using print to influence opinion, and create a piktochart with your findings.
Option #3
Explore the symbolic significance of the clock, the paperweight, the song the prole woman sings, and the nursery rhyme about the bells. Create a piktochart with your findings.

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Weekly Checklist

  • Read Book 2 Ch.6-10
  • Complete Google Classroom Packet "1984 Book 2 Ch. 6-10 Packet"
  • Complete 1984 Activity #4 CLICK HERE to turn in