Google Spreadsheets

What is it?

In Google Docs, you can make presentations, documents, drawings, forms, folders, and spreadsheets. A spreadsheet is like a chart, kinda. You chart data in columns and rows.


If you are adding in a ton of information and you need to find the total or the sum, you type =SUM in the cell below it. Then you highlight it all and press return (enter). It just added up the total.

If you are trying to fing the average of the information, you do the exact same thing but instead of typing in =SUM, you type in =AVERAGE.

If you want it to say the same thing over and over, but you dont want to retype it all that many times, you can just type it once, then click on the blue line around the box and drag it all the way to where you want to to keep on repeating.

If you click on a cell, there will be a blue line around it. That means it is the active cell.

A spreadsheet is organized by letters and numbers.

If you want to make all of the information you just added show as amounts of money, you highlight it all and then click the $ sign. There are also different currencies that you can do. You can also change it to percentages by clicking the % sign.

To customize it more, you can change the background, you can change the color of the lines or text, you can change the font, you can change the size, and more.

You can do a lot of things like =SUM. Some other ones are:

  • =MIN (finds the smallest number)
  • =MAX (finds the largest number)