Night of the Twisters

By Ivy Ruckman


The characters in the book Night of the Twisters are:

Dan, Arthur, Stacy, Miss Smiley, Dan's Mom , Dan's Dad, Arthur's Mom, Ronnie Vae, Grandpa Hatch, Grandma Hatch, Officer Kelly, Mrs.Minitti, and the baby Ryan


In the beginning they go for a swim. It is just a normal day when all the sudden the wind started to pick up. So, they decided to go home and watch TV. When they went home they ate dinner he and his dad got in a fight. After they sat on the couch and watched TVWhen they were watching TV a new reporter came on and said'' SEVERE WEATHER ALERT IN GRAND ISLAND NEBRASKA!'' so Dan's Mom went to Miss Smiley's house to make sure she was ok. she said '' Dan if a tornado hits get Ryan and some blankets and go downstairs in the bathroom.'' They were watching TV when they heard the sirens go off. So, Dan went upstairs to get Ryan he was stuck.So Dan brought him downstairs and hid in the shower. After the tornado they went to go find a safer place to hide and they went upstairs and realized their roof was gone. Arthur was so worried that his family was gone and dead. Then they heard a voice it said '' Arthur, Dan are you here?'' It was Stacy so Stacy showed them the way out. Then Dan went to find his mom they ran all across town and finally they found her she said that Miss Smiley was trapped. They ran to Miss Smileys house and looked all over. When they found her they made something to get her out when they got her off they took her to the bus stop to Kmart. Dan's Mom was already at Kmart with Ryan. Then they are picked up by a police his name is Officer Kelly. When they are in the car a tornado hits right by the car. Officer Kelly said to duck down as low as you can. When they got up Officer Kelly had glass in his eye. So, Dan had to drive to the Police station. That night they slept in a jail. When they woke up in the morning one of the ladies who worked at the police station said she would drive them to Kmart but when she couldn't Dan tried to run there. When he got there they said that no one was here. So, he sat there and cried. Then he heard the horn of his das truck they went home. later on Miss Smiley opened a restaurant and helped the whole town. Then she died and Dan rebuilt his house and even though they still had a few places that needed fixed everyone was pretty good.


The Setting Is Grand Island Nebraska Some Facts About Nebraska are:

1.The capitol of Nebraska is Lincoln

2. The state bird is the Western Meadow Lark

3. A famous landmark is the Omaha Zoo

Problem and Solution

1. The problem is that their house was torn down from the tornado.

2. They build a new house and get everything they want in it.

1. Their cat dies when the tornado came though.

2. They get a new cat when they rebuild the house.