The Purple Striped Jellyfish

By: Grace Keenan

Basic information on the Purple Striped Jellyfish

  • The Purple Striped Jellyfish's scientific name is Chrysaora Colorata

  1. Kingdom = Animalia
  2. Phylum = Cnidaria
  3. Species = C. Colorata

  • When moving short distance they pulse their bells and when moving long distance they ride the current
  • These jellyfish eat zoo plankton, copepods, larval fish, ctenophores, slaps, other jellyfish, and often fish eggs
  • Their habitat includes of warm waters such as the Mediterranean Sea, The Adriatic Sea, off the coast of California, and in the Atlantic Ocean (found often washed up on the coast of California)

Fun facts

  • Can grow up to 4 feet tall
  • Because of how little predators they have, their population is growing rapidly
  • If one were to ever sting you, it would be involve excruciating pain but would doubtfully be fatal
  • When their prey touches their tentacles, the stingers paralyze the prey. Once the prey is motionless the oral arm transports the food through their gastro-vascular cavity
  • Their few predators are sunfish, butterfish, sea turtles, and spiny dogfish
  • Defense is very similar to how they kill their prey, they use their stingers which paralyze the animal