what you need

Hunting is not just a walk in the park it takes a lot of patience your going to need your materials you are going to need your compass you never know you may get lost especially when you do not know where you are. You also need healthy snacks like jerky,nuts,fresh fruit, anything that is quite and whatever the animals don't smell you should always have water or something bad might happen you are going to need a camo suit or a gully suit you are going to need a face mask that is camo and hiking boots if your going deer hunting you should wake up at 4:30 in the morning would be good. you also need to cover your whole head besides your eyes because you need to aim.

How to shoot a bow and arrow

In this chapter you will learn how to shoot a bow and arrow WARNING arrows can be extremely sharp so. Step1.Get a very easy pullback bow and field arrow. If you are a child get an adults supervision immediately! Step 3. you will see a little stud on the string of the bow, put the arrow under the stud.r Step 4. put your pointing finger over the stud next put your middle finger under the arrow next put your ring finger under your middle finger.Step5.Make sure your left eye is closed so you can aim ,pull the string back slow aim for five seconds.Step5. FIRE!!
Deer Hunting Video - Monster Ohio Buck