Rhame Library

January 2020

I am excited about January at Rhame! Look for information to come on our new student reading log/reviews/book shelf/challenge website, "Biblionasium", a January Reading Challenge, Library Lifesaver's, Maker Space activities and more!

Biblionasium is here! The end to paper reading logs and SO MUCH MORE!

For Students - How to Log Your Pages and Minutes

I am excited to announce that after winter break Rhame will begin using Biblionasium!!!

We will access it through our online library catalog, Destiny. So, after students login to Destiny one time on their device, they will not have to login again!

Here are just a few reasons this is a game changer for our school:
With Biblionasium you can:

  • Tailor reading programs to students' individual needs Monitor student reading logs, create reading challenges, help students expand genre choices and tailor reading lists – all online and un-lose-able! Build and administer programs by group, class, grade and by individual student, regardless of reading level.

  • Track valuable data Track and get Biblionasium reports on what each student is reading and at what level, using Lexile® measures provided onsite for thousands of books. Track progress of individual students, groups, classes or grades as a whole.

  • Keep kids’ organized in their independent reading Biblionasium’s virtual bookshelves help kids keep track of what they’ve read, what they like, and what they plan to read.

  • Foster peer-to-peer support Kids are encouraged to share book recommendations and share books, building conversation and connections around reading.

  • Supplement your “team” Biblionasium mascot and reading coach Chip Manzee motivates and entertains kids, challenging them and rewarding good reading behavior. Our virtual reading rewards and recognition complement your in-class acknowledgement of a job well done.

As educators, we know that students read better when they do it consistently and as part of a community. Biblionasium provides the safe environment and support to make a real difference in building students’ independent reading. We will begin implementation with grades 3-5 immediately after winter break and work to add lower grades soon.

Teachers, more Biblio Info! We're going to Love it!

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SC Book Awards

Once again, we are looking forward to sharing the SC Picture Book Award Nominees with our prek - second grade students and the SC Children's Book Award Nominees with our 3rd - 5th grade students. We challenge all 3rd - 5th grade students to read 5 of the award nominees and take a short assessment. These students will be invited to a voting party in February! There will be some surprises!
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Looking for Library Helpers!

3rd - 5th grade student's will have an opportunity to join our Library Lifesaver's group! In the coming weeks, we will be looking for students who are interested in joining and asking for teacher recommendations. These students may work on book videos, try out new Makerspace ideas, help with shelving and more! More information to come....
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Reward Awesome Classwork with Student Makerspace Time!

We are looking forward to student's using our Library Makerspace! Currently we have Lego Video Stories with a simple 3 step storyboard, bookmark decorating, kinex, a couple of puzzles, origami and a few others available. All Teachers (PK - 5) may reward students with MakerSpace time! Teachers must send a note stating the student is there to use Makerspaces, the time the student was sent from class and the time he/she should return. If a pair of students are sent, they may choose to record each other giving a book talk or showing off their Makerspace work! Please, let's use this awesome resource to reward our students! Groups of up to 4 students may be sent at a time. Makerspaces will open the week after Labor Day!
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Ms. Lester and Ms. Griffin

Ms. Griffin and I look forward to working with you to help students develop a love of reading and create meaningful learning experiences! Unless it's urgent, email is the best way to reach me.