SSHS Library Newsletter

Autumn Edition, 2019

Library at a Glance

The library checked out close to 4000 library books and over 9000 textbooks during the 2018-19 school year. We also hosted more than 200 classes.

The library has already been an extremely busy place this year. We have:

  • checked out approximately 5400 textbooks and 1000 library books.
  • hosted about 50 classes.
  • performed oodles of tech training and assistance.

We are here to help staff and students alike.

We look forward to another great year of promoting reading, expanding educational technology, and supporting the amazing work all of you are doing in your classrooms.

Do you know about our teacher resource page on the Library website?

On this site, you have access to resources, such as:

  • Tech for Teachers: recommended links for teachers (including updated calendars, the school and district links teachers use daily, recommended digital resources for the classroom, and much more.
  • PD resources
  • Library Newsletters
  • Recommended Apps and Extensions (for teachers and students)
We'd like this resource to grow. Please contact Carol with suggestions.


Microsoft Enterprise

You can now get Microsoft Enterprise for free using your district credentials. Just go to Use your district credentials. You may have up to 5 licenses for home computers.

This Means:

As part of Microsoft Enterprise, staff and students now have access to a fully-functioning word processor. Microsoft 365 Enterprise is now available to all staff and students.


Google Update - Did You Know?


Google Slides will soon offer native support for audio files. You will be able to insert audio into your Google Slide presentations. First, you will need to save the file onto your Google Drive. Then go to your slideshow, click on "File" and "Insert Audio". You will then be able to control the timing of the audio playback, looping, and location of the audio icon on any slide. You can even hide the audio and still have it play when you transition to a slide. Watch for this feature to be available soon.

Google Sheets - NEW FEATURE

Did you know you can now add images into individual cells in Google Sheets. You can upload your own images, or you can use Internet images, icons, graphics, etc. It's a great way to add visual cues and resources for your visual learners. It's a wonderful way to easily and visually organize your information. Just select Insert-Image-Image in Cell. You can even do this on your mobile device and upload any image you have stored there.

Google Mail - NEW FEATURE

Scheduler - Gmail now makes it possible for you to schedule email to send any time you want. It is so handy to get an email ready when you have the time, and then have it sent precisely when you want it to get sent. Just compose your email; then click on the down arrow on the send button. Choose "Schedule send," and pick a date and time.

Top YA Books for 2019

Below are 6 books your students are reading.