The Gilded Age

John D. Rockefeller

Who: John D. Rockefeller was born in Richford, New York on July 8, 1839. He is the co founder of Standard Oil in 1870. He is one of the richest people in history. Owner of Standard Oil of Ohio

What: What Rockefeller did was he was the co-founder of Standard Oil in 1870 and the biggest oil company owner of the time. He donated his money to education and medical studies.

When: When Rockefeller was most important around the late 1860s to the early 1890s because that is when he started up the Standard Oil company

Where: Where he was most important in the United States of America in Ohio.

Why: Why he is important is because he found standard oil and that helped with the automotive industry start up because we can make things out of oil.

Citation: John Davis

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Alexander Graham Bell

Who: Alexander Graham Bell was born on March 3,1847 in Edinburgh, Scotland. He started inventing at the age of 12. His first invention was a flour de husker for a flour mill. He invented the telephone.

What: What he did that was important was that he invented the telephone and that is important because now people can communicate from around the world.

When: When he patented the design of the telephone was in 1877.

Where: Where he was important was around the world. He was important around the world because he invented the telephone the new easiest way of communication to communicate around the countries and then sometime around the world.

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Samuel Gompers

Who: Samuel Gompers was born January 27, 1850 in London, England. He helped find labor unions. He was the leader of the AFL.

What: What he is important for is that he helped find labor unions and he also was the leader of the AFL.

When: When he was mainly important was in the 1880s to the 1890s.

Why: Why he is important because he found some labor unions for workers rights.

Citation Samuel Gompers. Wikipedia.

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Central Pacific

What. What the Central Pacific Railroad is important for is the helped the first transcontinental railroad.

When the CPRR was mainly important was mainly in the 1860s.

Where the CPRR was important was in the eastern part of our country.

Why the CPRR is important is that they helped build the railroad that went from one end of our country to the other.

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