Motivation Project

Small Business

Motivation= Happiness=Productivity?

I agree that if an employee is motivated at work they will be happy which will turn their work into productivity. I feel like once someone is motivated they will do more work and be happy about productivity.

From my research, employees need something to motivate them to do their work. A lot of people need a goal to finish their work. They need a reason to want to go to work.


Will Smith Inspirational Motivational Speech by Zac Hembry.

Will Smith is talking about his life. Being able to live and not fake it. Greatness is something that exists in all of us. Talent is something you have naturally. Skill is something you practices for hours on hours. There's no easy way around anything. If you don't practice you won't be able to get around in the world. “If you are trying to making someone's life better, then you're wasting your time.” Will Smith only you can believe in yourself to motivate you.


  1. If we were to give employees so many days off for the year would the employee want to take all the days off or would they feel scared to?

  2. If we were to give employees a variety of free breakfast, lunch, and dinner, would they stay longer to finish the work or go out to eat?

  3. If we gave employees their own parking spot that they could customize any way would they want to? Then would they be happier show off their parking spot to people at work?

  4. Why are people unhappy at work?

  5. What does it mean to be happy at work?


  1. Employees are scared to take off their vacation days. If they take so many days off they could feel like they could get fired for “going over the limit” like if their boss was monitoring their vacation days. Employees feel better if they only take 10-15 days total off their entire work year. 4/8 people said they would not take all their vacation days off.

  2. Employees would go to work earlier to make their plate of breakfast, lunch or dinner.They will take less time being at home and more time being at work because they have food being served for the whole time they are working. They will work longer and harder at work. 8/8 people said this would motivate them to come to work and stay longer.

  3. I believe employees would like to customize their parking spot. The employee would be happy he/she customized something he/she made and would show it off to their co-worker. It would motivate them to come to work and know they designed that parking spot. 4/8 people said they would like to customize their own parking spot.

  4. People are usually unhappy at work because the day is too long. People are having a bad day, maybe woke up like that or something went wrong at home, late to work ect. People have lost their raise due to no motivation. 7/8 people said being unhappy at work causes them to be bored.

  5. To be happy at work is to enjoy/love what you do for a living, this could probably be your last job you do for a while. You don’t want to sit around being bored the majority of the time. The more you love your job, the more you will enjoy your time working there.