The False Prince

Choose to lie.... or choose to die

Welcome To Carthya!

Welcome to Carthya! This is where I, Sage have grown up, well ever since I was ten. Carthya is a great place to live. There are a lot of nice/kind people, like Mrs. Turdbelly. She was nice because she opened up an orphanage for us!


Sage is defiant, but he has a good heart and a good head on his shoulders.

My Troubles

Stuck In the Dungeon

I have been stuck in the dungeon before! I wouldn't give Conner my rock which he thought was gold, so he put me in the dungeon. There I was whipped and hurt badly. I have many wounds on my back. Imogen has come to take care of me in the dungeon and she heals my wounds with alcohol.

When Imogen finally takes me out of the dungeon I find out that I am becoming a servant. A servant for Princess Amarinda.

About Us!

Hi! We are Kayla and Shaye and we are reading the book called The False Prince By Jennifer A. Nielsen. We are in 6th grade and we absolutely love this book. It pulls you in sooo much and you just can't stop reading!


We give this book 5 stars out of 5 stars. We give it 5 stars because... the book just keeps us at the edge of our seats with all the action and drama this book is amazing

Tell us what you would rate the book!!

Make The Grade

I have never been in school before, but when Conner took me... he had some people teach us how to read. They also told us about Prince Jaron.

Tips For Surviving School

  • Always listen
  • Always pay attention
  • Always do your homework
  • Always get your class work done

Top topics for conversation

Here in Carthya, we speak royalty.

Here are some ways you can start conversations:



My lady....

Your highness...

Tips For Sports

If you like sports, here are some sports that you might like:

  • Sword fighting
  • Horseback riding
  • Jousting (sword fighting on horses)
  • Dance

Local Stores

These are some local stores in Carthya:

Meat houses

Clothing stores

Resources For Newcomers

  • A map of Carthya
  • A horse to get places
  • The secret tunnels to get away from Veldegrath
  • A sword

Here is what the people here look like. Look out for them! Make sure you don't run into Veldegrath though!

Big image

Here are some songs that we like to listen to

Get into the groove!

  • Be Our Guest - We chose this song because we are visiting sage as a guest.
  • Rotten To The Core - We chose this song because in beginning of the book sage is stealing a roast.
  • Believe - We chose this song because Sage BELIEVES that he can rule Carthya and become prince.
  • For The First Time In Forever - We chose this song because we are visiting Sage for the first time in forever.
Descendants Cast - Be Our Guest (From "Descendants")
Descendants Cast - Rotten to the Core (From "Descendants")
Shawn Mendes - Believe (Official)
3. For the First Time in Forever - Frozen (OST)


All About The Book!

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