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Week of March 21st

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2015 Employee Survey

Many of you are aware that we have had a very intentional focus on dissegragating the data from the employee and patron survey. Thank you to our Leadership Team for spending countless hours with me looking at this data and coming up with our next steps. Here are the results from the Employee Survey for Sweeny.


Also, here is a list of our celebrations and opportunities for improvement that will be focused on over the course of the next year:

Sweeny Employee Survey 2015 Results Summary


Celebration #1:10 I am committed to seeing my school district succeed. (4.89)

Reflection/notes:intrinsic motivation; contagious to our learners and is modeled for them; we hold each other accountable and challenge one another

Celebration #2:16 The school provides a safe environment for students to learn. (4.82)

Reflection/notes: PBIS initiatives; safety features of the building including FEMA shelter;
emotional safe; we know protocols and procedures of drills

Celebration #3:22 Teachers in our school use effective practices to keep all students actively engaged in learning. (4.53)

Reflection/notes:not afraid to try new things; risk takers; high accountability

Opportunities for Improvement

OFI #1:18 I get the training I need to perform my job. (4.16)

Reflection/notes: literacy specialists training for differentiated for grade levels; writing training through
PDC but not getting tailored training; high poverty training; PDC requests communicated out; guidance during ISA time (special teachers); more Carla Soffee’s training

Actions to Address:

Action steps:
Beth and Chris will speak with CIA department regarding the literacy quarterly meetings (writing training, differentiated by grade level).
Beth will continue working to bring the OACAC Poverty Simulation to Sweeny during the 16-17 school year.
Beth and Chris will request that the CIA department communicate out opportunities for PD for ELA, Numeracy, etc…
Beth and Chris will visit with Leadership Team reps about training each special teacher on expectation for ISA time.

OFI #2:20 Student discipline expectations are enforced in this school. (4.30)

Reflection/notes: improvement since November 2015; list of majors and minors

Actions to Address: PBIS team will develop a list of majors and minors by the end of 15-16 as a guideline for Sweeny staff.

OFI #3: 21 Instructional time available to teachers is protected. (3.71)

Reflection/notes: Great 98; bus parties; assemblies; SIT; drills

Actions to Address:During SIT we will use a timer and a schedule will be created for each child and the meetings will only be one hour.
Great 98 parties will be at the end of the day when possible and will be a designated day each month.
Sweeny Leadership and PBIS Team will have a tentative schedule for bootcamps and assemblies in May of 2016.

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Did You Know?

Did you know that we have a staff member that originally wanted to be a high school English teacher? First person to email me with the correct answer of the staff member gets an AMAZING prize!

Answer: (no one submitted the right one) Piper Wright Piper you stumped everyone so stop by for your treat!

Did you know that we have a staff member that built a camper and took it on a 5,000 mile vacation. First person to email me with the correct answer of this staff person gets an AMAZING prize!

A Week at a Glance

Announcement Helpers: Mrs. Papen

Monday, March 21st: Sweeny Spirit Wear Day; 2nd Grade Field Trip to Fantastic Caverns; Fire Drill; 11 am Beth at CO for CIA meeting

Tuesday, March 22nd: 8:30 SPED Staffing (Conference room); 10 am Beth and Chris Meet; 3:45-4:45 Faculty/Committee Meeting

Wednesday, March 23rd: 7am Makeup Faculty Meeting; 8:45 SIT Staffing; NO Weekly Agendas Due!; Lit. Specialists During Plan Time; 12-1 Beth at ROAR Run Meeting; Happy Birthday Diana Mikaelian!

Thursday, March 24th: 1-2 Beth Meeting with Dr. Yonke; 3:45 Run Club

Friday, March 25th: Staff Spring Bonnet Competition; Spring Snack Day for Paras, Gift of Time (Work in your rooms during early release)

March Quote-Sharpen the Saw

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Together is better...thank you for keeping our spaces clean and organized!

March- Please remember to check your assigned area each day...thank you!

Sweeny Diner/Staff Lounge-2nd grade

Makerspace-4th grade

Literacy Library-3rd grade

Sweeny Elementary-Beth Engelhart Principal & Chris Lockmiller Asst. Principal

At Sweeny Elementary, we are committed to empowering our students and school community to see their full potential and use their gifts for the collective good of the school.