Prediction of Canada's future

How Canada will look like in the next 45 years...

O, Canada!

As great as Canada may seem, it will eventually get old. But, in this Smore I won't cover how Canada will physically look, I'll be talking about how it will look demographically. So hold on to your pants because I'll try my best to give you a better image of Canada's future in more than one way!

Demography now and in 2060

Demography now:
As most of you can tell, the population is around thirty five million (34,834,841 according to in our country, Canada. After doing some research , I've discovered that the birth rate for Canada (2014) is 10.29 and the death rate is 8.31(2014) (Hint: both rates are calculated per every 1000 people). Now, after knowing both of the rates we can easily get the natural increase rate; 10.29-8.31=1.93.
TASK: Carefully read the Population Pyramid, take notes and ask yourself a few questions. (ex. Are there more female children than male children?)

Demography in 2060:
(Well, before you think that I know everything, this is just an estimation and there is a chance that my estimations might be completely wrong.)
Well, starting off with the population, I've given it some thought and I think that 55 million is a reasonable number judging the past years of the present day. Now, since the population is higher, the birth rate might be higher as well so my estimation for Canada's birth rate in 2060 is around 13. The same goes for the death rate, the higher the population the higher the rate so my estimation for the death rate is in the range of 9-11.

Immigration now and in 2060

Immigration now:
Now at this point, you should be aware of most immigration factors but I'll go over them just to clarify. In Canada, we receive around 250,000 immigrants every year and there's a chart that shows where they all come from. People who immigrate to Canada always have a reason and Canada has set them all in different categories. Some of them are Economic immigrants who come for economic reasons, refugees that have no where to go, and family immigrants who already have relatives living in Canada and are wishing to join them. According to my research, the Economic category has the most immigrants joining us in Canada and there's a chance that it won't stay like that for a long time...
TASK: Look at the chart and ask yourself a few questions...

Immigration in 2060 (prediction):
Starting off with the immigrants we receive, I think Canada will try to decrease the number because if they keep going with the 250,000 format Canada will just become overpopulated and will eventually lure people away. Remember how I said that the population will increase? Well, that can affect the push and pull factors. Obviously, people want a less crowded area but the more the population the less people would wanna come into our country. Not only will Canada have to decrease the amount of immigrants we receive, not as many people will want to come over because of the population so what I think is that the amount of people Canada are getting in 2015 will eventually decrease as the time goes.

First Natives Communites now and then...

First Nations, the original land owners are in fact part of Canada till this age and they will keep on existing. After collecting information, I found out that the Natives in Canada take up to 4 percent of our population (1,400,000). Now the whole population is made up of two groups, Inuit and Metis. The Metis population takes up to 30% of the Natives' population (which is around 420,000 natives), while the Inuit take up to 5 percent (roughly 60,000). Also, 700,000 (50%) of the Natives are Registered natives, and 215,000 are non-registered (15.3).
Then (2060):
Just like how I said the population for immigrants would increase, the same would happen to the Natives. My prediction is that they would go up to almost 5,000,000, taking around 7-9 percent of out population.
What Canada will look like in 2063


As you watched this super short video, you're probably wondering why I chose such a short one length wise. It is because it explained the demographics in a very simple way. Just like the man said in the video, in the next 50 years, the population would almost be the double. The population would get older, and so on. It is a fairly simple video and that is why I chose it.

Answer to question...

A bit of technical difficulties (my apologies) and I promise to do as told next time. Back to the topic, the question for this answer is "How will my life being different in the year 2060 (when you are 60 years old!) than the life my parents currently have in Canada?". Well, my parents weren't born here, and neither was I. They came here very late and had to catch up with Canada's system which was a bit hard since English is their second language. Now for me, I think it'd be quite different for me and my family in the future (hopefully). I plan on staying in Canada and having my children born here making them instant Canadian citizens. That will certainly affect their way of life, and my way of life. Just like I said before, my parents came to Canada quite late which means that they are not familiar with anything. Since I was sort of raised here, it'd be a lot easier for me to keep up with Canada because, well, I was raised here. My English and perhaps my French would be a lot more advanced making it easier for to communicate with others and progressing with my life economically. So, I think that my life wouldn't be as hard as my parents' life since they had to fit in with a system that is not familiar to them at a not so early age.

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