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Gabriella Wilde (age 24)

Gabriella Wilde has been in several movies and has made appearances in a few television shows. Her most recent movie was the remake of Endless Love where she played Jade Butterfield, a quiet, tight-laced girl with a rebellious streak. She has also shown her dancing abilities in the movie Endless Love when her character and her love interest dance to Crickets by Drop City Yacht Club. She has yet to have a singing debut, but she hopes that this will be her big break in the music industry. Other appearances include, Doctor Who- The Vampires of Venice, Carrie, and The Three Musketeers. Gabriella would make a great Sandy because she has the experience of playing the 'good girl' and has the sweet demeanor of Sandy.

Endless Love: David and Jade Perform their Dance Movie Clip - Alex Pettyfer, Gabriella Wilde
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Austin Butler (age 22)

Austin Butler has been in many movies and made appearances on quite a few popular shows. One of his most recent roles was in The Carrie Diaries playing a bad boy who had a very unhealthy reputation, even for a bad boy. He has shown his singing abilities on the show Ruby and the Rockits, where he was a main cast member, and on the show Are You There Chelsea?, where he was in an episode. Austin would make a good Danny because he has played the bad boy in several movies and television shows and has a lot of experience. He also looks like a greaser and has a I'm-too-cool-for-you vibe.
Austin Butler singing (Are you there Chelsea?)