Sunday Announcements

May 8, 2016

GIN System

This is where announcements will be posted in the future!

PRESIDENT Jen Mandelblatt jpm367

VP Member Education Elise Czuchna emc289

VP MEMBERSHIP Maple Chen mc2225

VP Operations Grace Winant gaw85



If you're a


appointed officer remember to meet with the person who held the position this past semester and


out the transition form that is posted on gin in the announcement attachments folder and send it to me by May 22nd. Hope y'all have a lovely last 3 days of classes!!!

VP CS Miranda Deane mmd264

VP PR Imani Sanders ias32

VP Standards Jacqueline Pecaro




I will be using the points system on GIN from now on. Points forms will still be open for two weeks at a time, and will close at midnight on

the Saturday


If you do not fill out the form and try to appeal points, you WILL NOT receive those points regardless of the event. Make sure you fill out forms!

From now on, send ME photo proof of external philanthropy, lunch in letters, etc.

Finally, if you need help figuring this system out, let me know and I can set up a tutorial. It is fairly easy to understand, so play around with it, and don't appeal points until two weeks after they have closed.



Finance Arielle Anderer

Hi friends,

All reimbursement receipts for this semester are due in by THIS FRIDAY, May 13th, at noon (unless you are planning an event that will not occur until after Friday, in which case please let me know so we can make sure you get your reimbursement before going home for the summer). If you turn in a (valid) receipt before noon this Friday or you sent me a receipt for reimbursement after last Friday morning, I will have those checks by Friday evening. Checks for Sophomores and Juniors will be left in their


mailboxes. I will contact Seniors so I can bring checks to you.

For SENIORS: note about Senior Activity fee/Room deposit things - money left over in the activity fee, as well as your Room Deposit from when you were a new


should be returned to you at some point this summer. We wait until the end of the school year to tally up the amount for reimbursement so that we can make sure that all charges on the activity fee can be processed. There has been much confusion about how the activity fee works so let me explain it again for those of you who are confused: you deposit $175 as a new member. You can spend money


it each semester, and at the beginning of each semester, you are billed however much is needed to bring your balance back up to $175. So, if you spent $60 one semester, you would be billed $60 the next semester. If you spent $200, you would be billed $200 the next semester. As a graduating Senior, you will be reimbursed however much you did not spend plus the room deposit fee. So, if you spent $60 this semester, you would be reimbursed $115+$150 = $265. If you spent $200, you would be reimbursed -$25 + $150 = $125.


this clears up all confusion, let me know if you have any questions or concerns.



PANHEL DEL Erin Powder elp54

Appointed Officers




, come get your Slope Day apparel!!!!! There are two more times to pick up apparel—you MUST get it during one of these times. Please have a friend/live-in sister/someone in your lineage pick it up for you if you can’t make it. There won’t be any other distribution times!

Monday (5/9), 5-6pm, parlor

Tuesday (5/10), 5-6pm, parlor (this is before Cayuga’s Watcher’s training, so come early!)

Here is the Slope Day apparel signup form so you can check what you ordered (




) Please remind your friends to get their apparel so we can all be fun and matching together yay :)


if you haven’t gotten your spring apparel, please text me (Ali) @ (607) 423-3041 and I will tell you where to find the leftover apparel box. ***Apparel chairs are no longer responsible for apparel from the spring line, so I will tell you where to find it but I cannot guarantee that all your stuff will be there. So text me sooner rather than later!*** Here’s the spring apparel signup form in case you forgot if/what you ordered (





AOT <3

Ali and Cathy

House Mom Dinner

Since our house mom, Cat, is graduating, we are holding a SURPRISE TACO DINNER for her onWednesday, May 11th at 5:00pm at the house. Please sign up here, if you want to come!

In house

sisters, the meal will be a part of your meal plan. Out of house sisters, you will sign in for the meal, but Kappa Delta will cover the cost, so you will not be billed for signing in. It is very important out of house sisters sign up, so I can tell Shelia how many extra meals to make.

I will get a thank you card and some decorations to celebrate Cat. If you would be willing to help get decorations, please let me know as I don't have a car.